When I'm On the Go...

Traveling is so much fun. through out the year I go to places and take lots of photos. this blog is a way to post some of them as I view them. On the Go is a Mobile blog. I am learning to send photos in via Mobile Phone. It should be a fun blog. Always learning and keeping my brain working to stay younger. Isn't technology GREAT!

Monday, April 15, 2019

Photos  by Auntie E
This is at the Norfolk Harbor. I very nice place to visit. In the summer they had festivals in the park. close to the harbor. So many things going on there. You can check out the calendar of events. 

At MacArthur Center in Norfolk, VA 2019

Photos taken by Auntie E

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Time To Travel Again

Hitting the Road Again
We have a few trip planned for this year. first one will bee to Virginia Beach in a few weeks. Then we are headed for Myrtle Beach. For vacation with family.

In the summer we will try to go to Florida, Disney trip and in the Fall to Las Vegas. Disney and Vegas our Our favorite places to go.

Now that we are getting closer to Retirement We want to  start the traveling again. We are traveling with my 87 year old father. He does have some health issues. so we have to be sure he can handle the trips. However it is time from him to come out of the hermit status and live a little. Working with the therapists to get him ready for the trips. Stay turn for wonderfu photos.

Are you planning any trips? comment below.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Brother's Family

these are some photos of My family. We went to a Wedding Vow Event. My Nephew got married in May. It was a private ceremony. So, in August they had a Family get together where they said some vows and had a reception. It was very nice.  Was at my Brothers place.
 First photo Nephew and Wife 

  second: Grandpa with them.
 Brother and I
 Brother and Wife
 Bride and Groom